Wrestling Belt Display Case Kid's/Youth Cabinet 44"

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  • Solid furniture-grade beech hardwood cabinet of beautiful design and construction is perfect to display your champion wrestling belt.
  • Display case features a locking acrylic door (98% UV resistant) to keep out dust. 
  • Two strong non-marking padded metal mounting plate/hook is included.
  • Cabinet is completed with brass hinges, locking door latches, a felt fabric background and wall hanging hardware. (belt pictured is not included).
  • Smaller belts will fit into this 44" case but some are longer, and require our 54" or 64" case. Please double check the measurements of your belt prior to purchase.
Unit Weight: 14 lbs.
Outside Dimensions: 45"W X 11"H X 4.00"D
Inside Dimensions: 44"W X 10"H X 3.25"D
Inside Depth: 3.25"
Framing Material: Beech Hardwood
Door Hardware: Locking brass latch(s)
Background Material: Felt