4 Baseball Bat Display Case

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  • Solid hardwood cabinets of beautiful design and construction.
  • A framed door keeps inquisitive fingers away, as well as dust! A great way to display your autographed or memorable bats and baseballs. 
  • Felt fabric background to create a stunning display.
  • This unique large baseball bat cabinet holds 4 bat up to 40" (average bat is only 35") + you can display a ball on each row. Either display the ball in a cube, or the ball stand that is included.
  • Each case comes with 8 bat risers and 4 ball stands. Each bat rest on 2 wood stands to prop up the bat. So if you don't display balls with it, you can shift the stands over and have the bat more centered. 
  • Case comes with brass hinges, lockable latches with keys.
  • The 98% UV acrylic door offers excellent protection against fading.
  • Cabinet comes ready to be mounted to your wall. (bats and balls are not included).
Unit Weight: 24 lbs
Outside Dimensions: 19.75"H X 42"W X 4.75"D
Inside Dimensions: 18.75"H X 41"W X 4.00"D
Space Between Shelves: 4.5"H
Framing Material: Beech Hardwood
Door Hardware: Locking brass latch(s)
Background Material: Felt